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Peter in the News

January 2014


In early January 2014, a news story broke accusing certain wildlife photographers of baiting wolves in Banff National Park in order to obtain pictures of these elusive creatures. CBC Radio called Peter to request an interview about this incident and upon investigating the case, Peter concluded that the allegations were not justified. For the subsequent interviews on CBC Radio & Alberta Primetime / CTV, the discussion turned towards the role of national parks and ethics in wildlife photography. Find out more about this story at these links:

Listen to the CBC Radio interview (Calgary Eyeopener - January 9, 2014)

Read Peter's letter to the editor (Rocky Mountain Outlook - January 23, 2014)

Watch the t.v. interview (Alberta Primetime - January 24, 2014)

A new gallery in Canmore

Yes, it's official - Peter's work is continuing to be represented on Main Street in Canmore! "Fallen Leaf" fine art gallery has recently opened and showcases Peter's work which is available for sale or order. Feel free to stop in (102-822 Main Street, Canmore) and see what is available - prints will be changing periodically.

We are continuing to offer Peter's full selection of Unique and Collector Series prints directly for worldwide
distribution, so feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

Our very own "Top Shot"

Peter on Swiss TV


Peter was approached by the Swiss TV to be filmed for a series called Top Shots, where they will profile his work on wolves. The program illustrates Peter's work as a photographer and his passionate quest for deeper understanding and desire to tell the life stories and struggles of the wolves he photographs.

Peter's goal was to describe his work with wolves in three regions: Banff, Yellowstone, and Switzerland. Peter's partner and assistant Tiffany was fortunate enough to become involved in the project as a videographer to document Peter in action, and together travelled to Yellowstone National Park and Switzerland to amass new footage to be used for the TV program. Yellowstone is a phenomenal place, and incredible for watching wolves as the landscape is open enough for the wolves to be visible (even if they are far away!). We were very lucky and on several occasions witnessed wolf interactions where we could record compelling footage.

In Switzerland, we had a special objective to document the story of the first wolf family in Switzerland in nearly 150 years. In 2006, Peter was the first to photograph one of the original wolves to return to Switzerland - it was an historical photograph and deeply meaningful to Peter as he had always dreamed that one day wolves would return to his country - and now, in a natural progression, he had the opportunity to follow the story to a new family of wolves which are attempting to establish themselves in the area. A lot of time was required for gathering background information and tracking and waiting and hoping to find the right signs... and we did find many signs pointing us in the right direction... but we can't give away the ending of the show!

The Swiss wolves, like many others, sadly face many challenges in their habitat laced with infrastructure and agriculture, but nonetheless it is a thrilling time in wolf history and Peter looks forward to more deeply connecting and
understanding these special wolves when the time is right.

"Top Shots" is set to air in October on Swiss TV and may be available for viewing online. We'll keep you

Peter is closing the Terra Magica Gallery

(Main Street Canmore location)

Yes, the rumors are true. I am about to close the doors of my beloved Terra Magica gallery downtown Canmore by the end of May (2013). The decision did not come easy and is the product of a long and profound soul-searching process.

Let me explain how I came to the decision and what the prospects are to continue my work as a voice for wildlife and the natural world in a time when the call of the wild becomes more and more silent day by day. Please read my full letter here and get to know the whole story behind this announcement and how the transition period will work, including special sales and events.

I would like to end this short announcement with an enormous thank you for all your support, kind messages and appreciation of my art throughout the last few years. There is lots more to come - this I can and will promise you - because it is a magical natural world worth fighting for! And thus in a way, the end, truly, becomes just the beginning...


The transition:


Please join us to celebrate the years Peter, through the Terra Magica Gallery, showcased unsurpassed beauty, enhanced our personal connections with nature, and brought awareness to issues that threaten such A magical world...

Easter weekend to May 26 is your chance to own a Peter A. Dettling limited-edition print at prices that will never be seen again. Extra-special "Image of the Day" offers will also be available at the gallery throughout this transition time. Please click here for more details on the clearance (up to 70% off!) sale.

To read Peter's full personal letter, please click on The Promise link below. Thank you for your support!

A new journey begins:

The Promise


Peter on CBC Radio

CBC Radio One

The Sunday Edition - May 20, 2012

Peter was visited last Friday by a CBC Radio-Canada crew and spent part of the afternoon with them in Banff National Park talking about his book "The Will of the Land". Although the book was published in 2010, the content is and will remain relevant for many years to come. For example: The slaughter of animals on the Mountain Parks roads and railways continues. In the last three years alone 1'102 animals the size of a wolverine or larger have been hit / killed by cars or locomotives in the Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks, as research done by Peter and his Terra Magica team showcases.

In the meantime, many controversial projects, such as the construction of a Glacier Discovery Walk in Jasper National Park, have been approved and will further erode the noble idea of a strong conservation ethic inside our Canadian National parks. Peter used the opportunity to talk about his experiences with the Bow Valley wolves, grizzlies and also about the importance and meaning of national parks.

Tune in here!


Swiss TV crew visits Peter in Banff National Park and is featured in the travel documentary "Panamericana"

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Peter's book, The Will of the Land, is awarded Best Illustrated Book in Alberta!
June, 2011

Click on the picture to view more information about the award. _______________________________________