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      Wild Heart

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                             The original title “Vergessene Wildnis” (published by Terra Grischuna Verlag / ISBN number 978-3-7298-1162-1     

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Wild heart" is another book by Peter Dettling that was released in the fall of 2010. However, this book was published in Switzerland and is currently not available in Canada. The original title of the book is " Vergessene Wildnis - Spurensuche in der Surselva". In this book Peter narrates his search for the last remaining pockets of "true wilderness" in the Swiss Alps and also his encounter with one lone wolf living in a region called Surselva. His encounter gave Peter Dettling the opportunity to get some of the first ever good quality pictures of a wolf on Swiss soil, that do not derive from a camera trap. It is quite possible that this book will be translated into English and become available on the Canadian Market.