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      The Will of the Land

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The Will of the Land

       Will of the Land Book Cover by Peter A. Dettling ©

Peter Dettling first visited Canada’s internationally renowned Rocky Mountains national parks in 1993. Immediately, he fell in love with the seemingly untouched wilderness and started to document the beauty and splendour of life in the mountains of western Canada. In time, however, he gained insight into the realities of nature's growing struggle against developing tourism, ill-conceived transportation routes and questionable wildlife management practices.

Through Dettling’s stunning photography and passionate narrative,  The Will of the Land , serves as an incredible artistic testament to the beauty of the natural world and the sometimes painful truth of hyperdevelopment in majestic landscapes, offering the reader a dynamic and broad vision of what national parks should stand for in our ever-changing world.

The Will of the Land
by Peter Dettling
ISBN 9781926855004
11 x 8.75 inches
176 pages
$39.95 (CAD)