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                                                                    Artist Profile
       Peter A. Dettling photo by R. Berdan

   Peter A Dettling, born October 15, 1972 in Sedrun - Switzerland, is a photographer, painter and author whose passion for the natural world has taken him all over the globe, from the Galapagos Islands to Alaska's far north, and from the African Plains to the Swiss Alps. His images have won numerous awards and are published regularly in various magazines, calendars and books. His imagery has also been showcased on TV (Animal Planet, Swiss National TV) and featured in gallery shows across North America and Europe, including the world-renowned American Museum of Natural History in New York & the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.

   Since his childhood, Peter has been deeply moved by people who work passionately for saving the last remaining pristine enviroments and the wild animals that live in them. Peter hopes his art will promote a better relationship between humans and nature, in particular, with large predators, such as wolves and bears. In 2006, Peter Dettling was one of the first to photograph a wild wolf on Swiss soil after they started to make a shy comeback in the Alps late in the 20th century. Click to learn more about Peter's work on wolves and bears.

In June 2011 Peter launched his own gallery, Terra Magica, just outside of Banff National Park. In order to continue his engagement for conservation issues, he also started the Wilderness Education Centre that forms a strong part of his gallery concept. Click to view the Terra Magica Mission Statement. In 2013, Peter made the difficult decision to close the Terra Magica gallery and devote his time to deeply understanding and documenting the lives of the animals and ecosystems he is humbled to know. Click to read about Peter's decision for the new journey!

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Peter Dettling’s images have won numerous prestigious awards, such as:

- Nature’s Best Magazine, USA 2006 (Category Winner), 2012 (highly honored)
- Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival, Canada 2006 (Category Winner), 2008 (runner up)
- Teva Mountain Games, USA 2006 (Category Winner)
- CPAWS, Canada 2004, 2005 & 2006 (Category Winner) 
- Canadian Geographic, Canada, 2005 (Category Winner)
- Travel Photographer of the Year, England 2006 (runner up), 2012 (finalist)
- Glanzlichter, Germany 2005 (highly honored)
- BBC- Wildlife photographer of the year, Great Britain 2005, 2007 (finalist) 
- European Nature Photographer of the year 2008 (highly commended)
- Memorial Maria Luisa Photography Contest, Spain 2011 (two time finalist)

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